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17 November 2016 @ 03:12 pm

I haven't been on here since December 2012. A lot of things has happened throughout that time... Then I was a 19 year old, 1st year uni student at RMIT university studying Social Sciences, Arashian for 4 years and still yearning to go to Japan and achieve my no.1 dream of going to an Arashi concert.

Now as a 23 year old, I've graduated with a Bachelor of Environments from Melbourne Uni after transferring. Still an Arashian but for 8 years now and counting... I also managed to go on student exchange to Tokyo in 2014-15, just so I can be a 'local' full-time fangirl for 6 months. Plus, I was able to go to Arashi's The Digitalian concert on Dec 19th and 23rd (Aiba-chan's 32nd birthday surprise). Those 6 months in the midst of solitude, self-discovery and new surroundings, I won't forget it.

No longer are the days of me whining about studying and all the things that comes with teenage-hood. I'm an adult that have regrets, responsibilities and work at places that doesn't interest me at all. I still struggle with Japanese but have been on a break for a while so I can take it up again when I'm ready. I'm still trying to understand who I am and what I'm good at and searching for that one career I want to do.

I have plans to go back to Japan hopefully by the end of next year. It's not going to be as long as the first time but I'm hoping, as I get older, that it will be more regularly. Hopefully I'll be able to go to another Arashi concert and watch Jun and Nino's movies (coz Ohno's would have finished airing in cinemas by then).

I'm not on facebook or tumblr as often as I used to but I am on twitter, which is funny coz I didn't understand what you do on twitter until just a few years ago haha.

This is just an update for me in the future to read. I wonder how I will be then when I do my next update. All I wish for is to be happy in the place I will be in and hopefully still love Arashi as much as I do now.

(P.S to myself - when is Aiba-chan's next drama? movie? how did he go hosting Kouhaku? ^^)
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03 December 2012 @ 04:05 pm
Just want to write here to say that I don't use Livejournal much (if you haven't notice)... I only have LJ so I can get into communities, be a editor in drama/tv show communities and to comment on other people's posts.
Has anyone here been a fan of Arashi from the beginning (in 1999) or at most 2002 when Aiba-chan had pneumothorax the first time? I just want to know how he was acting then... was he worried about work and the people around him like he is now? Is he reacting the same? Does anyone have news articles or videos that talked about his sickness in 2002? I would imagine that he was but I want to see some news from then, since I wasn't an Arashian until 2008... please reply, thanks in advance :)
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30 June 2011 @ 08:46 pm
I know everyone would have heard the news by now by our hard-working, always smiling Aiba-chan got a minor relapse of Pneumothorax (on my mum's 42nd birthday! How convenient -_-'')

When I read about the news, I didn't believe it since I thought people were bringing up the old news up from 2002 again for some old reason. But when I started to read about the news, I started to cry silently since I was in the lounge room at the time and my sisters were there. My heart simply sank and I became so worried. Having good news in the morning about the documentary movie he'll be navigating and now bad news. Since I've been a huge fan of Aiba-chan for a long time, I just felt useless... I want to support him and take care of him, telling that his job can wait. People may think I just have a massive crush on a grown man... maybe I do but I seriously care for him and the other members, so these feelings was just a sense of love and care I have for him.

The tears kept falling down my cheeks for a while and I was pretty quiet. I guess with the addition of personal problems I'm having at home with myself, I couldn't help but become quiet. Arashi, especially Aiba-chan is my source of happiness and have pneumothorax come to haunt him again, I just don't know what to say. Yet, I'll just have to be positive cause I guess I don't want anyone to be worried about me... following in the steps of Aiba-chan. Even at school today, people have noticed how tired and quiet I was and they became worried about me. I just don't know how Aiba-chan can keep to himself, not wanting people to be worried for him. Yet, he gets worried for other people; they're only a few people like that in the world.

I guess one reason for this relapse maybe probably for all the running and pedalling during Waku Waku charity event, he was pushing himself really hard from all the news clips I have seen and another reason... he's simply working too hard! Even now, as he has been instructed to stay home and rest for a week and he's worried for his work and projects and he thinks that he is cause of trouble for everyone around him. Even Chika-san from Recomen said that Aiba-chan has been pushing himself a lot lately and it's obvious with all of the new projects he's getting so often these days...

Seriously, Aiba-chan... don't blame yourself; for once, just let people worry about you and your health. The other Arashi members did mention before that it's okay to rely on them once in a while. So don't rush into work... work is not everything compared to your health. I really hope that you will get back into proper shape and I know that the members and also every Aiba-chan and Arashi fans will welcome you back with open-arms.

I pray that Aiba-chan will get well soon and that everyone will see his beautiful smile and genki self. But take your time, no need to rush :)
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03 June 2011 @ 06:08 pm
Well... I got my Yr 12 Jumper today and I'm excited... we got to put nicknames on them just to give it a personal kick... I've dedicated mine to the one and only Arashi. But to be honest, I've been asked by so many people while I was wearing the jumper at school what the hell does it mean... but it's for Arashi and all the fangirls who I love out there... you guys will definitely know, right? :)

Tell me what you think! Is it good? It is bad? I'll be waiting for your opinion :)
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01 June 2011 @ 06:10 pm
Do it By 10's meme... ^^
tagged by faradakiut, since she tagged everyone in her f-list :)

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with "Do it By 10's". At the end, choose 10-15 people to be tagged.

Be honest, you know your friends will comment and write something if they think you're lying.

1. Are you single – yep :)
2. Are you happy – yes~ especially when Arashi is around :)
3. Are you bored – all the time except when Arashi is around...
4. Are you white – slightly tanned skin... due to the hot sun in Australia^^
5. Are you Italian – no, I'm Vietnamese/Chinese Australian... what a mouthful :)
6. Are you intelligent – I hope so?
7. Are you honest – definitely... straightforward and honest :)
8. Are you nice – I try to be...
9. Are you Irish – to be sure~ to be sure~ no... -_-
10. Are you Asian – yes, and I'm loving it :)

1. Full Name – Huynh Ngan Ma
2. Nicknames – Julie, Julie-chan, Ju-chan, masaki82...
3. Birth place – Melbourne, Victoria
4. Hair color – Right now... Dark violet purple^^
5. Natural hair style – Average long wavy hair
6. Currently living at – Taylors Hill, Melbourne, Victoria
7. Birthday – October 9th, 1993
8. Mood – Numb... I don't know what mood I'm in...
9. Favorite color – green, yellow and purple
10. One Place you'd like to visit – Japan... Aiba-chan's apartment/house or bedroom ;)

1. Have you ever been in love – Yes... I'm still in love with him :)
2. Do you believe in love at first sight – Yes^^
3. Do you currently have a crush? – People may think it's a celebrity crush, but I think I'm in love... Aiba-chan :)
4. Have you ever been hurt emotionally – I guess so...
5. Have you ever broken someone's heart – No...
6. Have you ever had your heart broken – No...
7. Have you ever liked someone but never told them – I think so...
8. Are you afraid of commitment – No, I think I would like the commitment but I think I'm at the age where people are experimenting and what not... I'm not into that...
9. Who was the last person you hugged – My sister... since she's adorable :)
10. Who was the last person you said I love you to? Aiba-chan... but not face to face... I don't know if I ever have the courage to say it to him...

1. Love or lust – Love
2. Hard liquor or beer – I don't drink and I'm not planning to...
3. Cats or dogs – Dogs :)
4. A few best friends or any regular friends – Best friends... but I don't have any... I consider them close friends but not best friends or regular friends...
5. Creamy or Crunchy – Crunchy... I love it~
6. Pencil or Pen – I don't mind either...
7. Wild night out or romantic night in – Just like fara-chan... start with romantic and end with wild~ >_< OMG... perverted mind overload :)
8. Money or Happiness – I don't mind both~ Happiness...
9. Night or day – Night :P
10. IM or phone – I don't really use them but phone...

1. Been caught sneaking out – No... can't be bothered...
2. Seen a polar bear – Not in real life... but yes
3. Done something you regret – Always
4. Bungee jumped – No... I'm not planning to...
5. Eaten food that fell on the floor – Yeah~ Not a proud moment... lol, 3 second rule...
6. Finished an entire jaw breaker – No...
7. Been caught naked – No!
8. Wanted an ex bf/gf back – no
9. Cried because you lost a pet – I didn't have a pet before...
10. Wanted to disappear – At embarrassing moments...

1. Smile or eye – OMG... Aiba-chan's smile and eyes are both addictive... uhm~ both!
2. Light or dark hair – Dark
3. Hugs or kisses – Both~ :)
4. Shorter or taller - Taller
5. Intelligence or attraction – Both~
6. Hot Topic or Hollister – I don't even get this one...
7. Funny or serious – Funny
8. Older or Younger – Older
9. Outgoing or quiet – Outgoing
10. Sweet or Bad – Sweet

1. Ever performed in front of a large crowd – Yep~
2. Ever talked on the phone for longer than an hour – Yep
3. Ever tried walking on your hands – I can't carry my weight on my hands...
4. Ever been to a rock concert – No
5. Ever been on a cheerleading team? – No
6. Ever went skinny dipping? – No!
7. Ever been on a blind date – No
8. Ever went ice skating - Yes... year 6
9. Ever owned a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Escalade, Hummer or Bentley? No... don't drive but I have my licence... too lazy
10. Ever been in a circus? – Yes

1. Go bungy jumping or cliff diving? – Hmm~ How high is the cliff... probably cliff diving...
2. Watch a Horror Film or a Chic Flick? – Chic Flick...
3. Go to Hawaii or Aspen? – Hawaii... Arashi!
4. Play spin the bottle or truth or dare? – spin the bottle… I suck at truth or dare -_-
5. Cheat or be caught cheating? Depends on the situation and the person...
6. Read or watch? Watch... I'm a visual person :)
7. Text or Call? Text... Can't be bothered talking...
8. Sing a Rebecca Black Song or a Justin Bieber Song? Neither... they both suck...
9. Quiet and Happy or Loud but Hurting? Quiet and happy... that's me in 3 words :
10. Go to facebook or tumbler? Used to be facebook but it's now tumblr!

Aiba-chan is absolutely stunning in this picture... makes me want to drool everytime I see him, but that's not a surprise... he's my biased after all~ He's just getting sexier and sexier everytime I see him :)
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09 April 2011 @ 09:40 am
Arashi has my soul~
Name / Username 
Your boyfriend is.. Aiba Masaki
How you met him You meant to pass a note (on meeting up) to your friend but it somehow landed in his hands.
Your first date was.. Odd. He brought you to the arcade.
You dislike.. Jun. Because his skin is nicer than yours.
This cool quiz by ohmyalibi - Taken 379 Times. </a>
New - Dating Advice written by YOU!

This is soooo true... Aiba-chan^^ And Jun has better skin than me... :3
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17 March 2011 @ 01:13 am
Your Arashi...
Full Name 
Your best friend Aiba Masaki
your lover Aiba Masaki
your enemy Ohno Satoshi
your s*x buddy Matsumoto Jun
your best friend's boyfriend Ninomiya Kazunari
This QuickKwiz by xtraordinarilynaked - Taken 757 Times. </a>
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Haha~ I think this is the best thing that happened to me today... beside laughing with my two friends for 5 minutes non-stop during a quiet english class, and VSA and HNA is back on tonight^^ Aiba-chan as my lover and best friend... hell YES :D Ohno as my enemy... no! Jun as a sex friend, remains me when he was in tokyo tower... hehehe~ and I'm having a love triangle with Aiba-chan and Nino!!! OMG I'm loving this :D
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16 March 2011 @ 10:02 pm
THE JE MEME! :D (By theproudpenguin)
The favorites (only one answer for each question)::
Who's your favorite idol in the Johnny's Entertainment?Aiba Masaki
Your favorite group?Arashi :D
Your favorite dorama with JE idols in it?Maou, Bartender, My Girl
Your favorite pairing (or trio)? (i.e. akame, tegomass, ryopi, etc)Sakuraiba
Your favorite show in which a JE band is the host?VSA, ANS, HNA, AniS, MMA
Your favorite song? (tough one, I know)Truth
Your favorite DVD? (i.e. Kat-Tun's Real Face Tour, NEWS' Never Ending Wonderful Story, Kanjani8's Spirits, etc.)Arashi's scene 2010-2011 concert DVD
Other (only one answer;you can explain your answer) ::
The JE idol you want to meet the most?Aiba Masaki
Who's the sexiest?Aiba Masaki
Who's the cutest?Aiba Masaki
The one you know you will have a good conversation with? (or the one you seem to have the most in common)Aiba Masaki
The one that is making you laugh the most?Aiba Masaki
The one you want to see crying?Anyone but Arashi
The one you won't go "akjosngodg.sgtj^c" if you ever see him on the street?Anyone but JE
The one you will do anything just to shake his hand or take a picture with?Aiba Masaki
The group you have the more pictures on your computer?Arashi
Your best memory of a Shounen Club episode? (i.e. Shige stripping, NewS abake, Romantic skit w/ Kat-Tun and Kanjani8, etc.)Nothing...
You really want to be __s' sister.Ohno Satoshi
The group that have the best member ai?Arashi
The band who's closer to their fans?Arashi
Which JE idol have the greatest clothing taste?Aiba Masaki
The boy you want to see in an An An photoshoot? (or any sexy photoshoot)Aiba Masaki
Your reactions?
If you were in a restaurant, and Shige and Koyama show up, your first reaction is __Oh...
Your first travel to Japan and you're all excited! As you look at the other side of the street, you see Yamapi and Jin looking cool and anonymous. Your first reaction is__Hmm~
You've read on Internet that your favorite group may come to your country for a photoshoot soon. You__go nuts! OMG OMG OMG~ I must know where they are and stalk them down... hehe Arashi^^
There is it! The pairing you've been shipping for like forever has finally come out, and it's all over the Internet! Your first reaction is ___Yay... but I have no chance with Aiba-chan then...
You're still in Japan and you're walking on the street, just having fun by yourself. Then you bump into someone and fall on the ground. As you look up, you see that it's the one and only Kamenashi. Your first reaction__Hi... do you know where Aiba-chan lives?
Your trip is over, and you have to come back to your country. As you're heading to your seat on the plane, you see Kamenashi and Yamapi sitting right next to your seat. Your first reaction_again... hi, why are you coming to Australia?
TOP 5! (1 being your favorite, 5 your least favorite)
Top 5 Groups!
2:Kat tun
4:Hey Say Jump
Top 5 Idols!
1:Aiba Masaki
2:Sakurai Sho
3:Ohno Satoshi
4:Ninomiya Kazunari
5:Matsumoto Jun
Top 5 Songs!
4:Let me down
5:Mada ue wo

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